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How Many People Blocked Me On Twitter? Unveil The Informative Details Below!!

How many people blocked me on Twitter? We all know that being blocked by someone is one of the most frustrating things in this whole world. But it becomes more annoying when it happens on the widely accepted social media platform “Twitter.”

In this guide, we will find out how to see who blocked you on Twitter. Before that, you must learn some specifications regarding twitter; similar to other social media platforms blocking someone on Twitter is a sneaky affair.

 It can make things mess up; most people don’t get to know who blocked me on Twitter and why? We are going to serve you with perfect ways to check if someone has blocked you on Twitter or not. Take a look here: –

How To Find Out Who Blocked You On Twitter?

Rare people are aware that blocking works differently on Twitter compared to other social media platforms. On Facebook, blocking will prevent you from mentioning the person who has blocked you. Whereas, on Twitter check how many blocked me on Twitter is quite different.

It lets the person tweet to them, but it won’t tell the blocked person that their tweets are pending. Many people probably get to know that there are no ways you can see their tweets, but you are eligible to be a part of the conversation where both of these mentioned are mentioned.

How to see who blocked you on Twitter? If you want to find out, then there’s a pro tip; the user will not be able to see their tweets under the specific hashtag even though they are using it extensively.

Moreover, the person who has blocked you won’t be able to see your retweets, and both of you are unable to send direct messages through Twitter.

In short, Twitter would erase your existence from their social media platform and ensure that they will never come across their path or in any activities on Twitter.

Is There A Way To See Who Blocked You On Twitter?

Now the question arises how to find out who blocked you on Twitter? We have described earlier that blocking on Twitter is one of the sneakiest operations.

Is There A Way To See Who Blocked You On Twitter
Is There A Way To See Who Blocked You On Twitter

Here, discretion is of the utmost essentials; whenever a Twitter user wishes to take a little break from your Twitter, they simply block you.

But the thing is, Twitter will not ever notify you that you have been blocked by someone there. Certain ways can help you get to know how to view blocked Twitter accounts and numerous more benefits.

How To See Who Has Blocked You On Twitter?

Most of us must be wondering, Can you secretly block someone on Twitter? Indeed, people can easily block someone on Twitter as Twitter developers aren’t going to send any notification regarding blocking.

How To See Who Has You Blocked On Twitter? 

If you notice that you see less activity from an account and you haven’t got any notifications from them, then there are high chances you’ve been blocked. The users can feel free to be behind the eight balls and visit their profile, and notice if they have blocked you or not.

If they have blocked you, you will see the message stating that “this user has blocked you on Twitter.” can I see who blocked me on TwitterWith this statement, you might have got the answer to your question.

How Many Accounts Blocked Me On Twitter?

We all know that Twitter is a subtle application; no one will know that a specific user has blocked them. They won’t get any notification regarding being blocked.

Capitalizing on the situation, the service named blog look has come to the fore, and it will help you to know how can you tell if someone blocked you on Twitter. 

In order to know the statistic, the users need to go to the website, and then you need to log in to your Twitter account. After authorizing, the site will enable you to go through their Twitter block list checker, and this is how you can get to know if someone has blocked you or not.

How Will You Get To Know If The Contact Has Blocked You On Twitter? 

People will block you on Twitter, and you will never know about it until you visit their profile. Firstly, you need to find the user who might be following you can be the suspected blocker. Moreover, the user needs to go to their Twitter profile and click on the following option to get the people they are following.

Deepening the number of Twitter users that they are following can take a while for you to reach the bottom of the screen. Once you are done with it, you need to right-click on the page and then press the save option to save it as a “complete webpage.”

Now the users need to open the HTML file present in the notepad, and then you need to search for the keyword “blocks-you.” If you get it, then look for the Twitter username it is present on few lines above the found text “blocks-you.”

You are going to get the username there, and you will get to know who has blocked you on Twitter. The users need to repeat the step for all of the suspected accounts to get to know how many people have blocked you on Twitter.

The Summary!!

We have given a detailed explanation of blocked accounts and how to find out if someone on Twitter has blocked you. We have discussed earlier that Twitter isn’t going to send any notification regarding it; if you have a suspected account, then go through the exquisite ways mentioned above.

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