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How To Restore Page On Chrome?

Have you accidentally quit your Google Chrome browser and are you looking for a way to restore pages Chrome? There is an answer to one of the most commonly asked questions “How to restore pages on Chrome?”.

This article will help you in learning how to restore the last session on Google Chrome. Google Chrome is one of the most efficient online platforms and browsers in the world today and some of the questions regarding the “restore last session Chrome” issue have been roaming around.

The solution is mentioned below in the article which if followed step-by-step will help to restore the last session. Though the solution has worked for a lot of people, this might not work for you but it is worth giving a shot.

If for any technical reason, this does not work for you then you can reopen the closed tabs by going to the browser history.

How Do I Restore My Google Chrome Pages?

To efficiently restore the previous session Chrome, follow the steps mentioned below appropriately.

  • Open Google Chrome on your device and click on the Utility icon (menu icon).
  • Click on the settings from the menu list.
  • Scroll down right to the start-up pages and click on the Continue where you left off.
  • When the option is selected, the browser will work towards repairing all the recent tabs out of the final session wherever you began.
ow Do I Restore My Google Chrome Pages
ow Do I Restore My Google Chrome Pages

How To Restore Pages On Google?

If by mistake you have clicked on the wrong pixel and got the tab closed, then it is very easy to restore tabs on Chrome. To do this, you have to right-click on an empty area in the tab bar section and then choose to reopen the closed tabs.

Use the keyboard shortcut which is “Ctrl+Shift+T” and whatever the last tab was closed will open in an entirely new tab.  

How To Restore Chrome Tabs After Crash?

Experiencing a computer crash can never, in any case, be a pleasant experience but there is no need to worry about losing your current session. Google Chrome can handle a crash as gracefully as possible.

Whenever you restart Chrome, there is a button that says restore tabs. Just clicking on this button will fully reopen the last session of Chrome where you left off. If this option does not appear on the screen, it is okay.

Just click on the Chrome menu and hover the cursor over the history menu item. An option appears there which reads “#tabs” and clicking on this option will help solve the “Chrome restore previous session” problem.

Alternatively, using the shortcut keys that are “Ctrl+Shift+ T” might also work in case of crashed or closed Chrome windows. Keep pressing the shortcut until Chrome runs out of windows to restore.

How To Restore Closed Tabs On Chrome Mobile?

Technically, there are two different ways to reopen the closed tabs in Android. The steps to open the recently closed tabs in Chrome Android are mentioned below-

  • Open Chrome on the Android application and tap on the menu for more options.
  • Select the recent tabs from the list and you will be able to see all the recently closed websites.
  • Tap on the website that you want to reopen and all the closed websites will also be available on the Google account sync Chrome devices.

How To Restore Pinned Tabs In Chrome?

If the webpage that you want to recover was pinned by you then try the same shortcut keys. Keep on pressing “Ctrl+Shift+T” until the tab gets restored and if it doesn’t work then click on the history submenu.

Go to the Chrome menu>history and the entire history of pages that you’ve visited will come up and you will be able to find the page that you wanted. In the web page history, you can even search the required webpage.

If you were browsing in the incognito mode, then Chrome will not be able to remember any of the history and no tabs can be recovered if you lose them. Following the above procedure will help the user to get rid of the “reopen closed tab Chrome disappeared” issue.

How To Restore Closed Tabs On Chrome
How To Restore Closed Tabs On Chrome

Another tip to be remembered to minimize the chances of the “Chrome reopen last session” problem is to regularly bookmark the visited web pages by clicking on the star icon at the right side of the address bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I undo closing all tabs?

In the upper right corner of the screen, an option for the recent tabs is given. Click on the option and in the drop-down menu, all the tabs which were opened recently are given. Look for the tab that you need and tap on it to open.

2.How do I restore closed tabs in Chrome?

The keys to restoring the closed tabs in Chrome have already been discussed. Press the “Ctrl+Shift+T” keys until you get the desired tab.

3.How do I open my last browsing session in chrome?

Just clicking on the restore button in the right-hand corner will help you to restore the previous session on Chrome.


Some of the most simple and best approaches to solve the issue of restoring pages on Chrome are mentioned in the article above. Any person who is looking for an answer to “How to restore pages on Google Chrome?” can read the article.

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