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Itunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone 0xE80000A?

If you are frustrated with the iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone 0xE80000A? while connecting to iPhone X, XR, XS, SE, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus iPhone then the solution to this is provided below in the article. The same error also comes up when iTunes fails to connect to the iPhone.

It may be caused because of the failure of the windows components to receive components from the device. If the windows show up the error that says “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. an unknown error occurred 0xe80000a”

What Does Error 0xe80000a Mean?

The iTunes error 0xe80000a is one of the most generic errors that come up and it creeps up when iTunes cannot connect to an Apple device. Sometimes the reason behind this is unknown. The error code is followed by a statement saying “iTunes could not connect to this iPad. an unknown error occurred 0xe80000a”.

What Are The Causes Of The Itunes Error Code 0xe80000a?

There are many different reasons for the occurrence of the error in the Windows 10 PC. The error comes up from the damaged USB port or the cable which shows the incompatible version of the iTunes software.

What Are The Causes Of The Itunes Error Code 0xe80000a?
What Are The Causes Of The Itunes Error Code 0xe80000a?

The iTunes-related problems can be easily fixed on the device and many different tips are to be followed if any such error comes up on the device. The connectivity error may also come up on the iPhone or the Windows computer.

A faulty USB port may also cause the “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone 0xe80000a” error to come up. The iPhone may need to be connected using a cable to another USB port of the Windows PC.

How To Fix Itunes Error 0xe80000a?

The different ways which can be used to resolve the error 0xe80000a are mentioned below-

Update the Windows PC, iTunes to the latest version

The best way to try and fix the error is to update the current software which can be the cause of the error. Software incompatibility may be resolved by installing the latest version on the iPhone and Windows.

Update both the security and settings and then check regularly for any updates that come up. This will solve the error and make it easier for the user.

Disable the Antivirus and any other security software on the device

Sometimes the iTunes error may come up because of the third-party antivirus or the security software. The connectivity issue between the iPhone and iTunes may cause the error.

To check the existence of the error, try and uninstall the security software from the device and then restart the connection from the computer.

Restart the Apple services

Another good option that is also helpful in device plugging along with solving the iTunes error 0xe80000a is-

  • Press the Windows + R key and type services. MSC
  • Click on the OK button
  • Scroll down and search for Apple chargers
  • Right-click on the mobile services and tap on properties
  • Check if the service is automatic or manual and ensure that it is automatic
  • Click on the Ok button and start it.

Reset The Location And Privacy Settings

The location and privacy settings are corrupted sometimes on the iPad or iPhone. This is another reason for the error to come up. The settings on the device can be changed for the iOS Operating software to carry out the trust permissions.

To reset the location and privacy settings and thus fix the iTunes cannot connect to iPhone error follow the steps mentioned below-

  • On the iPhone open the Settings app and touch on the general menu.
  • Tap on the reset menu option,
  • Tap on the location and privacy and reset confirmation.
  • Complete the entire process
  • The location and privacy settings are thus successfully changing and the user can then try and connect the iPhone to Windows and launch iTunes.

Reset The Lockdown Folder

The lockdown folder is an exclusive folder that is created by the iTunes app itself on the Windows 10 PC. It contains security certificates that are necessary for communication with the previous IOS software.

These settings can also be altered like the location and privacy settings and can resolve the iTunes could not connect to this iPhone 0xe800000a error.

  • Open the Windows Run box and type the Program data into the Blank box and click on Ok.
  • On the file explorer screen double click on the Apple written folder.
  • After opening the directory, right-click on the folder and then rename it.
  • Rename it to Lockdown. old.

Try to relaunch the iTunes application on the Windows computer and then connect the iPhone to the iPad and then tap on the Trust. Now, the folder will be created automatically from the scratch along with the security certificate which establishes communication.

Reset The Itunes App On The Windows Pc

If the iTunes application on windows is installed through the store, then the application can be reset to the default settings. Some quick steps to be followed are-

  • Go to the settings using Windows +I
  • Click on the app’s menu and search for iTunes.
  • On the next screen, the option to reset and repair comes up.

Reinstall iTunes

itunes could not connect to this iphone 0xe80000a
Reinstall iTunes

Many people believe that replacing the current version of iTunes on the Windows PC can work in fixing the error and the iTunes troubles. If the unknown error -108 iTunes still comes up after using all the above-mentioned methods, then try and reinstall the software.

Take care of the corrupted data or the settings which might be causing the error and uninstall the software from the device go to the settings and applications. Tap on the app in the settings and then uninstall it in the same process.

Ensure that all the other related programs are removed successfully from the device. These include-

  • iTunes
  • Apple software
  • Bonjour
  • Apple Application support
  • Apple mobile device support

After reinstalling the software, restart the device and then try multiple methods to resolve the error. The iTunes error is a bit weird and complicated to understand and therefore, the different methods might be tried out to resolve the error.

How To Fix The Itunes Error That Occurred During Installation?

Many people have been facing iTunes errors that occurred during installation and the steps that can be followed are-
Extract the installation package

  • Press the Windows + R key on the keyboard and type the local app data.
  • Open the temp folder and then lock the folder depending on the versions installed.
  • Open the folder and see the iTunes installation.
  • Once the files are copied, click on the finish button.

Run the setup file as administrator

Since the error might have come up during installation download the new version and install it as a workaround. After the software is downloaded, locate the setup file and chose the run as an administrator option.

Remove the software related components

If the error message still comes up then uninstall the software and all the related components.

What Is Error 0xe8000068?

The error 0xe8000068 is caused because of the incorrect configuration in the system settings or the filling up of irregular registries in the windows. It can be fixed with the help of special software that repairs the registry and tunes up the settings.

If you see a message saying “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone 0xe8000068”, there are different reasons which might lead to this. The corrupted system file entries are one of the major reasons for the error.

The other reasons include the incorrect installation or uninstallation of any application which might have left certain invalid entries in the registry. The improper shutdown of the system can also cause the technical lack of information thus leading to the error code.

How Do I Fix Error 0xe8000015?

How Do I Fix Error 0xe8000015
How Do I Fix Error 0xe8000015

If you encounter a message saying “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone 0xe8000015”, this means that while connecting the iPhone 7 or 8, there have been problems.

This error indicates that the iPhone or any other iOS device cannot be recognized by the computer and to stop this from happening there are a few ways.

  • Update the iTunes to the latest version
  • Update the iPhone
  • Update the computer
  • Make sure that iPhone is switched on
  • Disconnect all the other peripheral devices except for the iPhone or Ipad.
  • Make sure there is enough space on the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Message “iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone 0xe80003” Mean?

When trying to connect the iPhone to the software, this message occurs when there is a problem with the communication with the software. Restarting the device might help in this situation.

What Is iTunes Error?

Many different iTunes error codes can come up while trying to connect the application with windows. The different errors depending on the problems encountered while connecting.
All the errors have been given different codes so that they can be recognized easily.


25473687A lot of iPhone owners have complained of the different types of errors that they have encountered while using iTunes. Different messages come up like “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone 0xe800001c”, “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone 0xe80000a”.

These errors have forced them to ask for help and many people ask “How do you fix iTunes could not connect to this iPhone?”. This article deals with the most common errors and the fixes that can be tried out.

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