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PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money: Guide

PayPal is a great application to send and receive money all across the world, and with its wide payment ranges of options and cross-border facility, it is gaining popularity. The website has seen a lot of growth in the user base, but with a lot of people using it, many issues are being faced.

One such recent issue is the “PayPal won’t let me send money” issue. A lot of people have complained that “PayPal isn’t letting me send money”. It means that the website is not letting the user send money or make payments on different merchant websites.

This is one of the common issues between the new PayPal users who have just signed up and are in the middle of the authentication process. Though the website makes it very easy to send and receive money in just a few clicks, ensuring that the users are making legit transactions is very important.

PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money
PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money

This article deals with ways to remove, send and receive money using PayPal and helps to solve one of the most important “PayPal won’t let me send money from a bank account” error.

Why Won’t PayPal Let Me Send Money?

There are multiple reasons which might cause the account to get blocked from the website and thus from using all the features. These reasons are generally related to the problems in the PayPal account and its verification.

If there are some problems with the bank account, the issue might come up again. If a large amount is being transferred to the PayPal account, then sometimes the website itself freezes the account for a few days.

In such cases, it is advised that the user tries to use the business account for large payments.

Why Does PayPal won’t Let Me Send Money From The Balance Issue Come Up?

1. Verify the email address and other information

The easiest way to verify the email address is by clicking on the verification link from the Email ID. Add the mobile number and further confirm it by entering the OTP.

The other verification documents are also required in a few cases like the driving license, Tax ID, or any other Government ID. The bank account details also need to be verified and to do so the user needs to make two deposits into the account and then verify it.

2. Account is limited

PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money
PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money

Many times, the users have complained that “PayPal won’t let me send money credit card” which may be because the account is limited for days. To check if any existing limitation is there on the account the user can simply go to the resolution center from the menu bar.

There the user is supposed to look for any notification related to the limit of the account.

3.Verify the bank balance

Sometimes the bank account does not enough money in it to make transactions from PayPal. In such cases, the user has to verify that the bank has not set up any limit on the account.

If a credit card user has not ensured that the limit is not exceeded then they might have to add a different credit or debit card and then perform the transaction. They can also switch between the different cards while trying to make the transaction.

4. Account Status

Sometimes the issue comes up and the user needs to check and verify their account status. To do this they can log in to PayPal.com and verify the status of their account. Check the status of the credit card and exceed the limit.

Contact the credit card company directly to ensure that there are no issues with it and simply call them up. Make sure that an appropriate amount of money is deposited in the bank account and that it is also properly linked to the PayPal account.

4. Contact the technical team for further assistance

PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money
PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money

If the above-mentioned causes and fixes for the “PayPal won’t let me send money” error do not work then try and get in touch directly with the technical and support staff of the website. The user can contact them via chat or call their customer care service.

All the above-mentioned fixes are some of the most popular and commonly suggested solutions for the “PayPal won’t let me access my money” issue. These are the simplest ways to solve the issue and use the account freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the errors that come up while sending or receiving money via PayPal are mentioned below-

Why PayPal won’t let me send money to my debit card?

If an error message comes up while trying to transfer money then there are a few possible reasons which are mentioned below-

  • There is a limitation on the account which blocks the transfer functionality temporarily.
  • The security system may have detected some unusual activity and the user might need to confirm and verify their identity.
  • The debit card or bank account may not be eligible to transfer money.
  • The information entered about the bank account does not match.

Why PayPal won’t let me receive money?

Sometimes the payment is stopped by the internal security system and in such cases, the user might need to protect their account, and to do so they need to review every payment before it is approved.

A complex screening process is performed which is similar to the banks and credit card companies and if the payment does not go through then the user might have to change their payment method.

PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money
PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money

If the funding source has been updated, then the user might have to confirm their email address and check the limitation on their bank account that is linked to PayPal. They may have to go through a security check again.


PayPal is one of the largest online payment processing platforms in the world and all different types of websites including the SAAS companies, Freelancers use it to send and receive money.

With increasing popularity, it is common that the errors increase, and therefore the “PayPal won’t let me send money” error comes up. This article provides the causes and fixes for the same.

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