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Total War: Three Kindoms Trainer (Updated 2023)

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS offers a grand strategy gaming experience set in ancient China. To enhance your gameplay and gain an edge over your opponents, a Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Trainer can be a valuable tool. In this article, we will explore the options available in the trainer, discuss compatibility with different game versions, provide important notes, and highlight the significance of updates for an optimal gaming experience.

Options Total War Game Version: v1.0-v1.7.0+

1. Infinite Health: Ensure your armies and generals remain invincible on the battlefield.

2. Unlimited Resources: Gain access to unlimited funds, food, and supplies for effective empire management.

3. Instant Recruitment/Construction: Expedite the building of structures and recruitment of units.

4. Unlimited Skill Points: Enhance the abilities of your characters and generals without limitations.

5. Rapid Research: Accelerate technological advancements and gain a strategic advantage.

6. Super Movement Range: Travel swiftly across the map to outmaneuver your rivals.

7. Unlock All Units: Access a vast array of troops and deploy diverse strategies in battle.

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  • In battle, “Infinite Army Movement”, “Restore Army Size To Max”, and “AI Factions Can’t Move” will not work. The easiest way to win is to use “Drain AI Factions Army Size” before engaging in battle.
  • “Most Public Order” will take effect when a city is selected, and that city will have more public order than usual.
  • If the “Max Town Population” and “Max Town Reserves” options are enabled, selecting a town will also affect its villages and sub-locations. Once no longer required, disable them.
  • “Impossible Character Experience”, “Impossible Character Skill Points”, and “Reset Skill Points” all take effect when the character panel is opened.
  • Every turn, “Gold Multiplier” works only for gold income.
  • The god mode, infinite arrows, and maximum army morale options won’t work when you have an alliance army.

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A Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Trainer can enhance your gaming experience, providing you with various options and advantages. By utilizing the trainer responsibly, staying updated with the latest versions, and understanding the provided notes, you can unlock new possibilities and immerse yourself in the world of ancient China. Just as Alex discovers the potential of cheats, he realizes that true mastery of Total War: THREE KINGDOMS requires a balance of strategy, skill, and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics.

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