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Why Firestick Keeps Losing Connection?

Imagine streaming your favorite session and suddenly an interruption occurs, irritating, right? or Is what you have gone through just now? Are you facing some issues with your Amazon Fire TV stick? Don’t Worry, we know HOW TO FIX IT.

It’s true that Amazon being a popular brand and holding such a big platform of entertainment service hasn’t yet been successful in fixing this Amazon fire stick loses connection issue.

Your Firestick must be losing a regular internet connection when you are streaming your favorite programs or stuck your eyes with the screen for too long. This has now become the most common issue in the complaint forums.

So, What’s Next?

 firestick keeps losing connection
firestick keeps losing connection

We know how frustrated you are with this issue, but the good news is that the “Amazon Fire TV keeps losing connection” issue can be fixed within a few minutes.

We have listed some best solutions collecting it from all over the internet holding the maximum success rate.

But without knowing the cause you will not find these fixes as effective and even you might miss out on some key notes while applying them, to prevent such a situation first go through-

What Causes Fire Stick Keeps Losing Internet Connection?

Dropping the Wi-Fi signal can occur due to many reasons and knowing them will make you aware to prevent such it from occurring in the future.

Here are some of the most common causes for any network interruption or why fire stick keeps dropping wifi-

  • A Weak Wi-Fi Signal Due To Fluctuating Bandwidth.
  • Slow Internet.
  • Unwanted Bugs and other Software Glitches in your Amazon Fire.
  • Some Bugs in your Router.
  • Glitches in the IP Address.

That’s all about the causes for this error. Now, the thing your must be searching for is the best and proven solutions to this.

Here Are Those Proven And Most Effective Fixes-

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The very first thing or we can say the mandatory thing to do when your Amazon Firestick starts creating issues is to check for the internet connection whether ok or not.

fire stick loses connection
fire stick loses connection

Sometimes, the ISP may create issues which eventually results in Firestick keeps losing wifi connection.

But, the question is- How To Find Out The Connection is Okay or Not? Well, it’s quite simple by running the troubleshooting feature given in your computer as inbuilt you can easily find out whether your connection is okay or not.

In case you see the network is good and will lead to any such issues then you can move ahead to the next solution successive to this.

2. Change Wi-Fi Band Setting In Your Router-

This is again a simple solution to this Firestick issue where you just have to change your Router Band Setting. In case your Router supports both Bandwidths 2.4GHz and 5GHz, then for sure, you will be getting the best streaming experience in 5GHz.

Also, if this problem occurs at 2.4GHz  Bandwidth then simply change it to 5GHz as it will be very helpful if you are using this Router for multiple devices.

To change the Band and to fix Fire TV Stick wifi problems just do this-

  • First, visit your Router’s default gateway address, you can find this gateway address on your Router’s back.
  • Now, it will ask you to log in. Complete the login process by entering the correct username and password to proceed.
  • After you get logged in, click on the  Network Settings option.
  • There you will notice a Wireless Network option tap it.
  • Lastly, choose the Mode option from the popped menu and change it to 802.11n from 802.11 b/g/n mixed. Save all changes and finish it.

If you are confused with the band figure you can CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO.

Now, reconnect your Amazon Firestick and start streaming to check whether the issue is fixed or not.

3. Change Your Router/Amazon Fire Stick Location-

As said by many users the location where you placed your Wi-Fi set up can also be the reason for this connectivity issue. Even your Amazon Fire Stick’s location might affect the connection.

Change Your RouterAmazon Fire Stick Location-
Change Your RouterAmazon Fire Stick Location-

An improper location is referred to places such as a hidden area with many network obstacles. For example, your TV’s back panel or a compact wardrobe where the Router won’t be able to receive any stable signal.

In a similar manner if the distance between your Amazon Fire Stick and the Router is a bit far it will keep on losing network connection.

Thus, you have to check for both cases and also for both the devices to get assured about the cause and prevent it to stand as a reason for such an issue.

So, move your Firestick to a location where it gets a quite large free space to connect good and stable network connection to prevent Amazon Firestick network connection lost issue to occur.

Note- We recommend you use an HDMI cable, this will help you to connect your Firestick with the TV and eventually leaving it exposed.

4. Reset Both Amazon Fire Stick and Wi-Fi-

If the above three solution fails then the next you can try is to reset all your devices related with this issue. It’s been observed that minor glitches in the network can affect your Amazon Fire Stick, TV, or your Router.

These minor glitches hit as because these devices work with software that’s quite vulnerable to any occasional bugs.

But what’s good is that you can easily fix such random glitches going through a simple reset-

Here’s How You Can Reset Your Amazon Fire TV stick-

  • At first, you have to choose the “Settings” menu which you can find in your Fire Stick’s dashboard.
  • In this menu select the “My Fire TV” option.
  • After selecting you will notice a “Reset/Restart” option in the popped menu select it to reset your Fire Stick.
  • You need to confirm your decision which you can do using the dialogue box that pops up after you select the “Reset/Restart” option.

Note- The Process is short and highly effective in any issue related to Amazon Fire Stick. Also, if it doesn’t work then you move ahead to Reset your TV.

These are all the best and most effective solutions to your Amazon Fire Stick losing connection issue. Make sure whichever solution you pick to go through the steps and measures very carefully.


The Amazon Fire Stick issue can easily make you frustrated and things start getting annoying. Luckily, we have all best and proven methods to fix this issue in no time. We hope the above-listed solution will help you in troubleshooting this problem and sure to give you the best and smooth streaming experience.

Let us know which solution worked effectively in your case down in the comment box.

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